The first step in getting started at MT4Invest is to choose the account type that suits you. There are 4 different account types that you can choose from:

  1. Premium Account
  2. Standard Account
  3. Mini Account
  4. Practice Account

If you have chosen any of the live accounts (first 3 account types) then the next step is to fund your account and you are ready to enter the real market. If you have chosen the practice account then you can immediately begin practicing your trading strategies with the $100000 simulation money.


Every action starts with thought. This is one of the key principles for successful trading. You need a plan of action and a strategy that suits you:

  • Select the right currency pair for you. Take into account the volatility of the currency and the risk parameters associated with it.
  • Decide on the appropriate time-frame for your trade.
  • Decide on an appropriate exit point for your trade. Consider how much you want to profit from the trade and the maximum loss that you are willing to absorb. According to these numbers set pre-defined Stop Loss and Limit Orders.
  • Maintain discipline and always keep track of any major economic news events so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Follow the main technical indicators directly through your trading platform. This will help you make real time decision and plan for the future.
  • Try to maintain a consistent strategy.
  • Stay in close contact with your MT4Invest personal analyst so that you can consult with the experts.


Initially this may sound slightly complicated but there is actually a very simple formula to calculate your return per dollar traded with MT4Invest. This tool will help you assess whether your strategy is yielding the returns you would like.

The Formula:

R = [1 + P/L] X T -1
R = Return Per Dollar Traded P = Average Profiting Trade L = Average Losing Trade T = Percentage Profit Ratio


Let's say that you have 20 trades and 12 of them were Profiting trades while 8 of them were losing trades. Your Percentage Profit Ratio (T) would be 12/20 or 60%. If your 12 profiting trades made $9600, then your Average Profiting Trade (P) would be $9600/12 = $800
Now if your 8 losing trades lost $4800, then your Average Losing Trade (L) would be $600.
Now lets apply these results to the formula:
R = [1 + (800/600)] x 0.6 -1 = 0.4
We see from the result that your Return Per Dollar (R) is 0.4 or 40%.This means that according to this example you would earn 0.4 cents per dollar that you trade with MT4Invest over the long term.